written words

Each week we delve a little deeper into one or two topics and write about them at our blog so that we later remind people how prescient we are when it comes to the important stuff.  Here and here are two of our most important/creepily accurate posts from the past.

spoken words

For over four years we've been podcasting weekly about the news from a millennial perspective with a special focus on election tomfoolery, Washingtonian shenanigans, and anything that proves that nature is hilarious/terrifying.


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What else IS NEW?

Well, a lot, but specifically we're launching this little enterprise in the coming months so stay tuned!

Funny, insightful, with plenty of snark (much like politics). As far as political discussions go, the two hosts really know their stuff, and don’t talk over the listener’s head.
— a commenter who is probably one of our friends