Why is the Catholic Church so terrible?

For this week’s blog we’re trying something really befitting of our particular brand of overwhelming genius: a point-counterpoint.  

Ok, so maybe not super high concept, but us Brain Trusters disagree on very few things (see here for our brief disagreement on cream of mushroom soup) so it’s definitely something new.

The media has been doing a lot of reporting on the resignation of the Pope and the election of the new one.  And when we say a lot, we mean WAY TOO FRIGGING MUCH!  If there’s one thing we do agree on here, it’s that the Pope in general is ridiculous and the media gets far too worked up about him  Sure, there’s a zillion Catholics in the world, but when we see polls that show half of American Catholics have NO OPINION of a pope who has held the position for 8 years, we think there’s a problem with the amount of coverage.  Get over it media.  Not even Catholics care, so why should anyone else?

Still, we ultimately disagree on is WHY the Pope and the Catholic Church in general are ridiculous and, more importantly, why they are experiencing the slew problems they currently face, from sexual abuse scandals to apathetic followers.  So, for your reading pleasure, we’ve decided to ARGUE/politely disagree in two essays (presented below as distinct entries, here’s Lila’shere’s Brent’s).