Digging Into the Democratic Debate: How Are the Candidates Prepping?

Last week we helped you prep for tonight’s Democratic Presidential debates by letting you know what and who to look out for.  And by “who to look out for," we mean there are literally people participating in the debate that you will probably not recognize.  

Today, however, we'll delve into the varied ways that these candidates are prepping themselves for tonight’s festivities.  (Click on links for full articles!)


Sanders: Decided to ask some casual questions of experts in the last week and see where that gets him.  Bravely taking a stand against pre-written one-liners, practice sessions, knowing what to expect, unproductive uses of time. (Politico)

Clinton: Practicing obsessively.  Learning both sides of every issue in case she needs to be on both sides of every issue over the course of the debate’s two hours. (Politico)

O’Malley:  Appears to be taking our advice about debating shirtless and getting his 6-pack ready for America.  Will be the only candidate fully prepared to stand comfortably for the duration should this debate devolve into a three-hour debacle a la CNN’s GOP Debate #2. (Mediaite)

Webb: Refuses to share anything about his prep, other than allowing an aide to compare him to Eisenhower and the debate itself to D-Day.  Nothing too dramatic. (Time)

Chafee: Attempting to remember what party’s debate he’s participating in.  Hopefully brainstorming a logical-sounding reason to explain why he WROTE IN Poppy Bush for President in 2004.  Poppy Bush.  George H.W.  That guy.  (Time)

Lessig: Releasing passive-aggressive messages for the other candidates that he claims he would say to their faces were he invited. (New Republic)

Biden: Prepping by researching whether he can hold off on declaring his candidacy until November.  Baller move.  Also, easier move. (NY Times)