BTL #222 - The Case of the Missing Comp Seats - 11/21/16

In Which We Discuss:

1. So far the only thing Trump has accomplished in his transition is firing the few people who knew what was going on

2. Trump’s cabinet picks begin with a man too racist to get approved under Reagan and end with an list of every nightmare human being in America

3. Update: Trump’s first 100 days infrastructure plan may just be bills that have already passed and proposals he campaigned against

4. Settling a lawsuit for $25 million dollars is not what you do just because "don’t have time," it's what you do because you don't have a case

5. Guys, Mike Pence deserved to be booed, because seriously, how long does a man have to run for VP before he decides to get comp seats to Hamilton?

6. Democrats, in making attempt to be more inclusive, expand their leadership team to include...everyone

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