Two Things We Love Collided Yesterday

If you've been a frequent listener of the podcast or reader of the blog you know that we have some obsessions; topics like sinkholes and Republican hair that we return to again and again.  To our great surprise two of those, gun control and real-life, non-silent, non-procedural filibusters, collided yesterday as Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT, Newly Minted Hero) with the help of many Senate Democrats held the senate floor for 14+ hours to force Senate Republican leadership to agree to HOLD A VOTE on two of the most minor and widely supported gun control measures on the planet.  It worked, by the way.  A vote is going to be scheduled so that we can ban people on the terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales.  It's a low standard but it's the first sign of progress we've seen on this issue in a very long time.

See highlights from yesterday's funtimes excitement below:

Also, you guys, we should call or write to Sen. Chris Murphy's office and thank them, right?

Sen. Chris Murphy's Facebook Page

Sen. Chris Murphy's Senate Website

Sen Chris Murphy's Twitter Handle: @ChrisMurphyCT