Our Votes Matter

It is inconceivable and unacceptable to us that media (with, frankly, the support a lot of people in states that already voted...RUDE) would dare attempt to suppress our votes the day before we finally get to make our choice for Democratic nominee. We have been excited for months to vote in this energetic, thrilling rollercoaster of a race, especially since we finally have a candidate to vote for who aligns with our principles and not those of the corporate-loving, welfare-reforming, not fully pro-choice, youth-insulting New Democrats.

We will obviously vote tomorrow regardless - we will not be blackmailed into not voting or voting for an inferior candidate. We'd like to note, however, that demanding Sanders supporters show unity whole robbing them of their chance to have a voice will rob the party, and especially downticket candidates, of the benefits of a robust primary process. These benefits include increased voter registration and participation, a growing grassroots fundraising network, and renewed interest in the local elections and candidates that will ultimately help the president turn their agenda into action. These are all things that benefit the party as a whole, and in a massive state like California, where 600,000 new people came into the process in the last couple months, this is especially concerning.

Superdelegates, by the way, are the final primary, not the first. They do not vote until July, and therefore our votes tomorrow WILL count, because they will continue to inform the saga that is Democratic Presidential Politics 2016. We encourage anybody in a state voting tomorrow to show up to the polls and vote for whoever you damn well please even if you've been told nothing matters anybody and your time would be better spent staring a 24 hour news coverage and eating ice cream. Don't allow your vote to not matter by not casting it.

Also, if our votes don't matter, than what's the harm in lodging a LOT of protest votes for Sanders, right? Hillary Clinton doesn't need us anymore, so we hear...