BTL #231 - #NeverForget to #NeverRemember - 2/7/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. America re-lives the horrors of election 2016 in football form

2. Trump’s SCOTUS pick doesn’t care about your uterus

3. The Muslim Ban is a great example of why you have a lawyer look at a contract before you sign it

4. A filibuster-genre Senate talk-a-thon is underway because not enough Senators had performed their school grizzly bear attack material

5. Trump has no idea wtf he’s doing or signing.  His staff has no idea where the light switches are.

6. The White House congratulates rising star Frederick Douglass on finally getting his 15 minutes of fame

7. Let’s #NeverForget to #NeverRemember the Bowling Green Massacre

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