BTL #241 - Chocolate Cake and Chemistry - 4/17/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. First, we welcome the adorable baby giraffe of pregnant-giraffe-gate fame! Cute tiny animals! Fuzzy things!

2. Then, try to forget that we’re going to die in a nuclear war with lunatic North Korea (unless, perhaps, they like chocolate cake and “great chemistry” as much as Donald Trump?)

3. The White House has a mouse and presidential aide infestation

4. Democrats are seeing a surge in local successes, leading some to ponder a bold new strategy of HAVING A MESSAGE.

5. Lila was paid $100,000,000 to march in the Tax March on Saturday, give or take…hundreds of millions of dollars because she actually just paid $22 in uber fares to be there

6. United Airlines is just as bad as you remember from before the last time you vowed never to fly them again

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