BTL #256 - When Even The "Best Words" Fail - 8/21/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. Hapless White Nationalists fail to grasp the irony of carrying tiki torches while marching against people of color. The Tiki torch industry responded with fire. The police did not.

2. Trump does not have the “best words” when it comes to racism, and that may be his biggest problem

3. Trump tries to break up with his CEO exes, but they did it first! What a loser!

4. Beelzebub Bannon is gone, just in time for us to discover that Trump has always been the White House’s leading white supremacist

5. Catalonia is the latest victim of what Trump might call “real terrorism,” meaning it wasn’t committed by white guys with torches

6. Americans grasp onto the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse as sign Trump’s days are numbered. (We are desperate out here.)

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