BTL #260 - Wildcard Socialism [w/ Ramy Youssef] - 9/18/17

In Which We (and special guest comedian Ramy Youssef!) Discuss:

1. Senate enters a bonus round of healthcare warring with the wildcard addition of some socialism

2. The only thing we know for sure about the Wednesday’s White House Chinese Takeout Bonanza is that Donald Trump is just like us: up all night after a greasy, hard-to-digest meal

3. The Paris Climate Accords, our on again off again beau, might be back

4. We can only assume Trump won’t release the Mar-a-Lago visitor logs because he knows you know that he knows that you know that shady business is going on there

5. California is gunning for the chance to decide who we give our 3 million vote margin to next time. 

6. The Alabama Moore-Strange race gets moore-er and stranger-er with each passing day

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