BTL #196 - Five-Swipe and Token-Man V. That Turnstyle Life - 4/11/16

In Which We Discuss:

1. Sanders’ secret Wisconsin weapon is that there are literally no young Republicans left. 

2. The Daily News joins the ranks of the millions of Americans who aren’t quite sure what the difference between the Fed and the Treasury is

3. Five-swipe Hillary takes on Token-man Sanders in the most important showdown of the New York primary season

4. Panama Papers are further proof that rich and powerful people are literally psychopaths.  (Even in Iceland.)

5. This week in things that are cute: Ted Cruz thinks he can go to the Bronx and lecture New Yorkers on their sinful #NewYorkValues

6. We agree with Trump on one thing.  “Tour de Trump” is a much better name for a shitty bike ride than “Tour de Jersey.”

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