BTL #230 - The Gossipy Side of a Constitutional Crisis [SPECIAL GUEST: William Floyd, LA County Dems] - 1/30/17

In Which We Discuss:

[NOTE: Interview w/ William Floyd begins 1:18:20]

1. It’s week one of the Trump presidency and we already have a constitutional crisis on our hands

2. Steve Bannon must be on some sort of writing retreat, having a very prolific week ruining America by edict

3. Trump will bravely investigate only the kind of voter fraud that doesn’t exist but makes him lose popular votes

4. Apparently Trump’s idea of diplomacy is holding hands with the ladies

5. Something we can get behind: Trump’s White House staff is the gossipy-ist in history

6. We interview with William Floyd from the LA County Democrats and talk about the local stuff you should know [Begins: 1:18:20]

7. Trump’s butt takes the mantle as most unfortunate meme of the week/history

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