BTL #262 - North Korea to Kevin Bacon [w/ Ritza Bloom] - 10/2/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. Trump will save the middle class by lowering his own taxes. For America!

2. Trump finally settles on a response strategy for the Puerto Rico crisis: Twitter warfare with a struggling local politician.

3. Old chartering habits die hard for the rich former executives helping “drain the swamp”

4. Alabama decides it’s finally time to go full-crazy. That’s right - they’ve got crazy they haven’t even shown us yet.

5. Twitter has now done more to counteract Russian electoral interference than the White House

6. A new break in the case for the age-old question: How many degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and North Korea?

Plus, the loverly Ritza Bloom (@ritzacalixte), joins us in the studio!

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