BTL #272 - Can't Stop, Won't Stop - 12/17/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. Alabamians proved they are only 50% outright monsters 

2. Net Neutrality is dead, much like the free flow of information is about to be

3. The tax bill is finally solving some vital problems for the oft-ignored zillionaire set

4. In Paul Ryan’s dystopia, corporations are people and people are cattle and cattle should start having more children to feed the corporations

5. Donald Trump thinks we believe he could ever land Kirsten Gillibrand in a million years

6. Omarosa can’t stop, wont stop being fired

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BTL #269 - Just As Predicted - 11/20/17

BTL #269 - Just As Predicted - 11/20/17

This week on the podcast, it's tax reform time! (Or it would be if the GOP didn't keep shooting themselves in the foot.) Also, now that the GOP is dying to have a pederast in the Senate, harassment accusations and hypocritical Twitter lectures are flying! Let's see what Trump what kind of trouble Trump can get into with those extra 140 letters! Plus, a real life hobby ghost hunter is coming to a court near you...if you live in Alabama. Of course.

BTL #262 - North Korea to Kevin Bacon [w/ Ritza Bloom] - 10/2/17

BTL #262 - North Korea to Kevin Bacon [w/ Ritza Bloom] - 10/2/17

This week on BTL, the lovely Ritza Bloom joins us in the studio to talk about Trump's tax proposal, Puerto Rico's giant huge horrible terrible no good very bad humanitarian crisis, the plane-chartering habits of Trump's top swamp-drainers, Alabama's secret fury, and so much more! Most importantly, we do some in depth thinking about two of America's most important icons: Dennis Rodman and Cowboy Jesus.