BTL #185 - Squirmishes in Hollywood - 1/25/16

In Which We Discuss:

1. “Squirmish” along with us as we read excerpts from Sarah Palin’s Trump endorsement

2. Glenn Beck is riding a snowball to hell comprised of his mixed metaphors, and that’s why he needs you to vote for Ted Cruz

3. Woodie Guthrie posthumously trolls the Trump family for red-lining (ie before they started segregated using bad taste as the means of control)

4. Michael Bloomberg now considering a run for president because what about him, huh?  He’s a meglomaniac billionaire too!  Trump can’t have all the glory.

5. Simon and Garfunkel have the best week ever.  

6. 2015 hottest year on record.  Again.  Guys, it’s too hot.

7. #oscarssowhite, a protest movement so elite that only Will Smith and Spike Lee are qualified to participate

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