BTL #193 - A Hashtag Plan Doesn't Make You #Blessed - 3/21/16

In Which We Discuss:

1. The oft-ignored Tuesday is waging an all-out campaign to usurp fan-favorite Saturday as Superiest day of the week

2. Marco Rubio has delivered his final second-place “victory” speech of 2016.  And life.

3. GOP’s plan to stop Trump now mostly comprised of hashtags and placing articles about how they have a plan to stop Trump

4. Donald Trump upgrades rhetoric to include a threat to take America by force if necessary

5. SCOTUS nominee-gate 2016: A case study in the art of Clintoning

6. The paper of record is now acting more like Fox News than we are.  #Endtimes?

7. Pope Francis joins Instagram.  [Insert #instablessed comment here.]

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