BTL #192 - Return of the Goldwater Gal - 3/14/16

In Which We Discuss:

1. MSNBC so shocked by Michigan results that they disavow their own exit polling and established mathematical facts

2. The Goldwater Gal returns as Clinton actively misremembers her thoughts on AIDS and abortion

3. On both sides of the aisle, it’s time to ask an important question: how many debates is too many debates?

4. Trump delivers one-hour victory infomercial for all of his failed consumer goods, creating the most perfect hour of reality television in US history

5. Sanders, Obama, and “Thugs on the street” all to blame for Donald Trump’s hate speech.  Notably not blamed: Donald Trump’s hate speech.

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This week's reading list:

Election 2016 - Primary/Caucus Results (via New York Times)

Sanders wins: Ohio judge rules 17-year-olds can vote on election day (via Politico)

Clinton Retracts Praise for Reagans' HIV/AIDS Legacy (via Politico)

Clinton, Sanders asked about abortion at Fox News town hall — some say too late (via Washington Post)

Reckless driving: The Hillary, Bernie blowup over autos (via CNN)

In Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration (via New York Times)

Sanders camp fires back at Clinton for healthcare comments (via The Hill)

Republicans clash -- with civility -- at final debate before decisive contests (via CNN)

Donald Trump Rally In Chicago Canceled After Protesters Turn Out In Droves (via Huffington Post)

Rubio: ‘There is no doubt’ Obama helped stoke recent political chaos (via Washington Post)

Mike Huckabee Blames 'Thugs Out On The Street' For Trump Rally Violence (via Huffington Post)

Trump ends wild day on campaign trail by calling for protesters' arrests (via CNN)

Donald Trump vows to ruin protesters’ lives by pressing charges: ‘Their lives are gonna be ruined’ (via RawStory)