BTL #191 - The Euphamism - 3/7/16

It's a Special Bi-Coastal Edition(!) in Which We Discuss:

1. Sunday’s Democratic Debate reminds us of all the terrible things that snuck through in the 90s while America was transfixed by the Spice Girls

2. “Super” moniker is now available to any day with between three and a million primaries.  Welcome to Super Sunday!  Enjoy Super Monday!

3. A sad day for the Reagan family answers the every-present query: “Is Nancy Reagan still alive?”

4. CPAC welcomes the failed aristocratic-rights activist Mitt Romney to deliver a highly dubious rebuke of the tacky rich

5. Anti-Trump shadow attack PAC is finally getting some airtime

6. Donald Trump promises worried Americans that the documented stubbiness of his fingers isn’t a euphemism

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This Week’s Reading List:

  1. Joan Quigley, Nancy Reagan's White House Astrologer, Dies at 87 (via People Magazine)

  2. Election 2016 - Primary/Caucus Results (via New York Times)

  3. Super Tuesday Recaps (via Politio and CNN)

  4. Mitt Romney and John McCain Denounce Donald Trump as a Danger to Democracy (via New York Times)

  5. First on CNN: Team Romney explores blocking Trump at RNC (via CNN)

  6. Romney and Rubio Attack Trump University, But Both Are Tied to Predatory Colleges (via Huffington Post)

  7. Trump’s Healthcare Reform “Plan” (via Donald J Trump for President

  8. A National Descent Into Trump’s Pants (via New York Times)

  9. Republican Debate Turns Dirty (via CNN)

  10. Why Donald Trump Will Always Be a “Short-Fingered Vulgarian” (via Vanity Fair)

  11. Ted Cruz Just Ate a Booger on Live TV. We’re Better Than This. (via US Uncut)

  12. Trump Anxiety Overtakes UWS Therapy Offices (via Westside Rag